Slow performing or simply not getting your expectations met? This common you most likely picked the wrong digital creative agency or tried configuring a theme/template on your own. Now you need to fix it.

Common Factors

  • Loading Speed
  • Bad Content
  • No Brand Persona
  • No Gain
  • Bad Design

Solving Loading Speed

Making sure you have a fast loading website (under 2.5 seconds) is not easy and will require you to have a dependable hosting provider with dedicated servers. You want to show your visitors the right attention and answer what they are looking for within the time. Most people make a decision within that time, making the website speed a big factor into your success online.

Solving Bad Content

This is normal for anyone who can’t write while having your audience and brand persona in mind. You can hire professional photographers and videographers to help with images and videos you want to publish on your website. Normally web designers don’t provide you with context so you’ll have to either take the risk of writing each section on your own or hire a SEO content writer to translate your goals to the correct writing.

Solving No Brand Persona

Have you ever felt like your website isn’t making an impression on you? Where’s the charisma? This is due to not putting much plan into your business name or brand image. You will have a much harder time with a website that doesn’t make a connection with your users. You can fix this by thinking about your Mission, Brand Promise, Brand Essence, and Brand Pillars.

Solving No Gain

Once your users arrive to your website, what do they see? Do they see what they’re looking for? What’s the interest of staying on your website? You have to think about the reasons. Some common examples are displaying Discounts, Eye-catching interaction, Interesting Content with CTA buttons that leads them to the correct page they may be looking for.

Solving Bad Design

If you don’t know the creative process then you want to hire a professional web design company to help guide you. The creative process would involve research of your brand, audience, and goals.


Most of business owners don’t know these issues and that’s understandable. Hiring the right digital creative agency is important to your success online. Make sure to ask questions and prepared with your mission, goals, and expectations when you’re hiring.