EdTech, JS, UI/UX


Web, mobile

Project length:

3 (pre-launch) & 7 months

Main tech stack:

React Native
HTML5, PHP & more

About the project

Bloss is an education and lifestyle web & mobile platform that helps parents and parents-to-be with starting a family and raising their little ones via hand-picked, user-rated content from certified & trusted parenthood experts.

Goals & Challenges

Project goals

Bloss founders wanted to create MVP of an expert-driven education platform for parents & test it with real users.

01. Create the brand’s unique visual identity

We aimed to create visual positioning that reflects & matches the product’s values and goals and generates desired emotional responses.

02. Deliver user-friendly & responsive design

Our goal was to create a WP-based CMS with both an inspiring & instructive interface, functional design & responsiveness for all devices.

03. Implement conversion-driven functionality to engage users

We added numerous integrations, plugins, and smart logic mechanisms to motivate users to interact within the platform.

04. Develop a complex web platform as a proof of concept

We needed to focus on the quality & security of the platform’s content which is so crucial for its main audiences: parents & experts.

05. Follow very specific & cute timelines

For Bloss, we had unusual timelines – the platform should have been launched on the day its founder’s baby was born.

06. Build a fast & engaging mobile app

After the platform had been released, we were to create a cross-platform mobile app to let Bloss users get access to experts and valuable content from anywhere.

Our Work

What was done

For Bloss, we’ve created a unique brand identity & style that engages & motivates its main audience – parents and parents-to-be – to interact with the platform. Next, we’ve built a web platform & a mobile application that allow users to learn more about parenting, contact experts & get access to valuable educative content.

  • The brand’s identity & UI developed

  • Parents & Experts landing pages created

  • Extensive UX audit conducted

  • The responsive mobile app delivered

  • WP-based CMS built

  • New integrations & features added

What's inside

In-platform chatting within the Bloss community

Exchanging questions in the Bloss Clinic

Quality, hand-picked & expert recommended items

Bloss shop with products recommended by the experts

Personal interactions & consultations with experts

Access to 200+ world-class experts

Education & access to user-rated expert content

1000’s of exclusive articles, how-to videos, and resources created by the experts


Custom Profile Creation

In their profile, experts can choose functionality & blocks to showcase on the platform.

User-Tailored Content

Based on the UX audit conducted and what users provided about themselves, we’ve set up smart logic that generates user-focused content.

Multi-level Expert Selection

To provide the highest service quality, we’ve added mechanisms for the manual selection of each expert on the platform.

Platform-based meetings

To increase user retention, we’ve integrated iFrame and special plugins that allow holding all webinars on Bloss along with Q&A sessions.

Competitions & Discounts

Inside the platform, users can get discounts and earn awards in competitions which greatly raises user retention and engagement.

High Content Protection

The platform has set up functionality that allows blocking any copy-paste, unregistered, or not unique content.

CRM for Bloss experts

We’re integrating a mini CRM for experts to manage appointments & bookings. For users, we’ve created mechanisms to select their tailored expert.