The Challenge

Lessence faced several challenges with its digital marketing:

Diverse Product Portfolio

With a diverse portfolio of products, each catering to a specific set of features and addressing distinct target audiences, creating a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for Lessence would not have been feasible or effective. This challenge added another layer of complexity to their marketing efforts, requiring a more nuanced and tailored approach.

Evolving Market Dynamics

As the Weight Loss industry is rapidly advancing, Lessence needed to stay ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers. This required a multifaceted approach that combined research, innovation and a keen awareness of market trends.

Optimizing User Experience

Ensuring that customers had a seamless experience, from understanding the product’s features to making a purchase, was key.

The Solution

LER Web Services strategic approach to digital marketing leveraged both email and SMS platforms to achieve significant returns.

Some of our deliverables included:

  • Tailored Marketing Strategies
  • Website Funnel Refinement
  • Segmented Email Campaigns
  • Multi-Platform Engagement

The Results

Lessence achieved impressive return on marketing spend (ROMS) for several platforms:


ROMS on Facebook Spend

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