A Woman’s Care

Web Development, UX Design, Web Design

We believe all Women have the right to choose.

the challenge

The past website was very outdated and had hurt the SEO drastically. We had a lot of work ahead of ourselves, we needed innovative ideas to bring the results we expected. First, starting with the website design, then, the development.

the project

Create a website and software to schedule appointments with doctors and patients. Understanding the user came first and what’s most important for them considering the delicate matter of abortion and consultation.

Web Development

One of the solutions we found is to create a scheduler focused on choosing the right time and doctor of their preference. Saving account selections and keeping the information of the patient private until a phone call is made. This is done using API, PHP, Javascript, and more.

Website Design

Understanding the users is very important for any creative project. We narrowed the user profiles and selected the ones we need to focus on. Finally, we delivered a website design that accomplishes the requirements for both users and business.