Kristine Window Treatments


Kristine Window Treatments is a successful blind manufacture that provide blind parts at whole sale to clients. We were approached to design the company’s website and introduce an innovative brand that expresses the vision and solutions they provide.

Before LER Web Services

Manufacture blinds' parts for whole sale to clients all around the world

They needed a website that can show their blinds to decision makers for their clients. From shades to types of fabric they carry. Knowing this we knew we needed to make sure the website color scheme matches with their logo. They didn't have a brand image at the time so we had to create one for them as well. This includes a branding strategy.

After a rebrand that focused on their passion for client success, Kristine Window Treatments received one of their largest cases—and haven’t stopped winning.


Elegant, Modern and Reliable

Our Approach

Selling a brand to close clients

Using the latest technology, we created a brand that reflects the owners visions with their company. Making sure is useful to them and their users through their website where they can find their products and other useful information.

One of the problems Kristine Window Treatment was getting the business of big businesses. We made sure we designed a website that sorrounds the brand and can grow with. This website lets customers know everything about the parts they sell, how easy it is to use, and interacts with a blog. This helps keep users on the site and get to what their looking for before making a decision.

Prioritize User Experience

As Kristine Window Treatments continues to grow and add new parts, our team acts as a strategic partner to maximize the first impression that they have with their audience. We also continue to support all of their affirmative businesses and other businesses that they work with. Our team is privileged to dedicate our work to initiatives that help brands to grow.

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