Avoid all these SEO techniques


You shouldn’t look at this list and think you can’t do anything. There are many different strategies to improving your SEO and getting to the first page. Below are some of the important factors you shouldn’t do with your website.

  • Keyword Stuffing: Writing Thin Content or Using Keyword Stuffing Gets You Penalized by Google Panda
  • Over-Optimized Alt Description: Practice the Keyword Stuffing in Your Alt Description Image
  • Commercial Anchor Text on Internal Pages: Using Keyword-Rich Anchor Texts for Internal Links
  • Irrelevant Keywords: Abusing Irrelevant Keywords Just to Rank Will Damage Your CTR
  • Linking Over-Optimization: Trying to Over-Optimize the Inbound Links Will Ruin Your Link Profile
  • Hidden/ Invisible Text and Links: Hiding Links and Text or Writing Tiny Text for the Sole Purpose to Build Links
  • HTML Heading Over-Optimization: Using Multiple H1s on a Page
  • Copied Content: Writing Copied Content Will Hamper Your Ranking
  • Content Automation: Using Automated Ways to Generate Content
  • Bait and Switch: Fraudulently Using the Bait and Switch Technique to Trick Google
  • Article Spinning: Crafting Manual or Automated Article Spinning
  • Scraped Content: Hatching Scraped Content Is Not Only Forbidden but Also Illegal
  • Cloaking: Using Cloaking Violates Google Guidelines, and You Risk Getting Penalized by Google Penguin
  • Malicious Active Content: Building up Pages with Malicious Behavior
  • Clickbait: Fabricating Deceptive Headlines Will Decrease Your CTR
  • Web Rings: Building Web Rings to Get Traffic from Related Websites
  • Guest Post Spam: Unrelated Guest Blogging Just to Generate Links
  • Link Farm: Manipulating Your Link Profile by Increasing the Number of Inbound Links
  • Linkbait and Switch: Revitalize Your Content into a Commercial One Using Linkbait and Switch Method
  • Buying Reviews with Links by Offering “Free” Products: Manipulating the Practice of Sending Free Products in Exchange for Reviews with Links
  • Link Exchange: Excessive Link Exchange Is Considered a Link Scheme and It Won’t Let Your Site Appear in SERP
  • Blog Comment Spam: Comment Spamming to Get a Large Number of Backlinks Easily
  • Shady Redirects: Using 301 Redirect with Link Exchange
  • Commercial Anchor Text Keywords: Using Less or Not at All Non-Branded Keywords
  • Spammy Footer Links: Loading the Footer of Your Website with Links Will Only Get You a Large Number of Unnatural Links
  • Link Selling: Selling Links Will De-Index Your Website and Cut Your Traffic to Half
  • Buying Links: Stop Buying Links to Receive Link Juice
  • Paid Advertorials: Paying for Advertorials to Pass Authority
  • Directory Listing: Registering and/or Buying Placements on Low-Quality Directories
  • Parasite Hosting: Setting up a Parasite Hosting to Take Advantage of the Authoritative Domains from Google
  • Google Bombing: Influencing the Rank of a Page by Artificially Increasing the Number of Pages That Link to It and the Anchor Texts Used
  • Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages: Using Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages to Rank Higher in SERP
  • Rich Snippet Markup Spam: Creating Irrelevant Rich Snippets Markup
  • Automated Google Queries: Sending Automated Google Queries
  • Mirror Sites: Designing Mirror Sites to Increase Your Rankings
  • Private Blog Networks: Creating Blogs to Generate Link Juice
  • Typosquatting or URL Hijacking: Putting Your Reputation and Brand at Risk of Facing Cybercrime by Using Typosquatting or URL Hijacking
  • Toxic Sites: Having Links on Toxic Sites Hurts Your Link Profile
  • Cybersquatting or Domain Squatting: Registering Domains Similar to a Trademark or Business for the Sole Purpose of Getting Monetary Benefits
  • Cookie Stuffing or Cookie Dropping: Making Cookie Stuffing Is an Illegal Practice
  • Negative SEO: Falsely Reporting Your Competitors to Get Them Penalized
  • TrackBack Spam: Improperly Use the TrackBack Feature to Get Visitors on Your Site
  • Referrer Spam: Polluting a Site with Fake Statistical Data as a Result of Referral Spam Technique
  • Social Network Spam: Sending an Enormous List of Irrelevant Links in the Social Network


Most of business owners try to do the SEO themselves by stuffing their keywords wherever they can. They don’t know these issues and that’s understandable. Hiring the right digital creative agency is important to your success online.

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