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We’re a Digital Marketing Agency in Tampa that looks at the bigger picture. How does digital marketing work for you? Your marketing strategy should be consistent with your branding message to achieve your goals: Growing your business.

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Assuming you have already created a digital branding strategy that establishes your brand image (logo), website, brand message, brand guidelines, then you’re finally ready to start advertising online. If you’re wondering what digital marketing is, it’s advertising through different channels, such as social media, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel. We work with you to deliver the results you’re looking for your business using our process, including research, strategic planning, dynamic ads, measure, and optimization.

Digital marketing Agency Tampa
Step 1

Identify Target Group

First we compile all of your existing intelligence on your target market, and look for opportunities. Additionally, use google analytics to drill down into your site traffic and perform a deep audience analysis. Next, review your competitor’s marketing efforts to better understand what you’re up against. Now we pair your data and understand your audience’s needs, answer questions like “What problems does your product or service solve?” and “Which demographic characteristics influence the decision-marketing process?”

Step 2

Strategy Planning

Now that we know who your target is, it’s time to choose which digital marketing methods are the right ones for you. Which channels will help you reach your target audience. Such as pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing. These are just a few of the channels you can use to reach your audience but varies depending on your industry niche. Lastly, we set a budget that allows us to distribute your money to the services you need for a better business plan.

Digital marketing Agency Tampa
Digital marketing Agency Tampa
Step 3

Dynamic Search Ads

We use dynamic ads to answer the very specific questions from customers, it’s a highly effective advertising method to target the many question people in your niche are searching for in google. It’s also a great method to strendthen long tail SEO. It’s displayed in the search engine based on the content of the entire website. Your website will pop up as a result to many more key search phrases, you don’t have to manually add all product names as keywords – if someone searches google for a specific item, that you have to offer, dynamic search ads will show your website with exactly this item as a result.

Step 4

Measure & Optimize

The best thing about digital marketing is that it allows you a complete report and understanding of which channels and tactics are bringing you the best results. We use Google Analytics to test new tactics and optimize on which keywords we should be spending more on.

Digital marketing Agency Tampa

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