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We help brands like yours build and grow their online presence, as well enhance their digital environments. Whether you are looking to create a complex application or systems integrations, we can help!

Develop a fully optimized eCommerce solution, end-to-end. Our teams of strategists, award-winning designers and expert developers will see you through all stages of the project.

We specialize in all leading eCommerce platforms so you can use the technologies that best fit your business goals and admin team’s preferences.

Create an immersive experience to drive repeat engagement and measurable results. Work with our experts to plan, design and develop your web app using any industry leading framework.

From customization to integrations, work with our engineers to optimize your software systems. Identify and implement the right solutions for your business with the help of our experts.

Whether you are looking to build an advanced online platform with complex ERP integrations or enhance your e-store with unique functionality, we can help!

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Industry Leading Custom Web Development Company

We partner with businesses across industries to grow their brand online.

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Featured Web Development & Design Projects

Explore some of the samples of our end-to-end web development work for clients across industries.

WordPress VIP Partner

As a WordPress VIP Partner we build WordPress websites of all sizes and levels of complexity, from engaging informational sites to robust digital experiences.


Whether you are looking to migrate to Shopify or build an e-store from the ground-up, work with our experts to chart the best way forward and make the most of this highly intuitive platform.


Turn your WordPress website into a revenue-generating platform. We have extensive experience in building and optimizing WooCommerce stores for SEO and conversions.

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Full-Service Agency

Custom Website Development Services & Beyond

LER Web Services is a full-service web design agency specialized in growing brands online across channels.

Reach new audiences in search engines as they are looking for your solutions. Work with our SEO strategists, content specialists and off-page SEO experts to grow your visibility in search.

Explore Our SEO Services

Engage prospects at every stage of the conversion funnel. Our marketing experts specialize in growing your audiences and engaging them online across touchpoints: from PPC and social media to email and web content marketing.
Explore Digital Marketing Services

Whether you are looking for strategic content planning, SEO-friendly web content creation or engaging marketing copy, our content specialists are here for you! Get in touch to explore our content marketing capabilities.

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Strategy & Planning

Guided by your digital growth goals, we will develop clear & actionable plans for your digital experience, including user journeys and conversion funnels.

Design & Documentation

Our UX & UI designers will craft custom wireframes and Figma prototypes to facilitate the decision-making and design processes. A detailed specification doc will outline key functionality.

Development & Launch

We will follow our strategic designs and specifications documents to build and integrate your digital experience. Following extensive QAs and your approval, we will take your website live.

Create A Specification Doc

Whether your future site has a complex architecture, advanced animations, multiple integrations or simply multiple forms, a specification doc will ensure that your vision truly comes to life in development.
This upfront investment may save you some errors and redo’s down the line.

Optimize Loading Speed

As you are developing and QAing your website, pay special attention to loading speed tests.
This is one of your core web vitals—a metric that fundamentally affects your SEO—as well as a user experience element that can make or break your on-site engagement.

Customize Your CMS To Enhance Website Management

This often-overlooked practice can change how your web managers relate to and use your new website.
Ensure your website’s backend is clear and easy to navigate, and customized to your team’s unique requirements.

Web Development Services FAQS

Website development projects can take anywhere between 1 and 6+ months.

The decisive factors for the duration of your development project are:

  • Website type and complexity
  • Size, specifically the number of unique pages
  • Your team’s and your vendor’s pace

If you are looking to specific time estimates, get in touch with us. You can request a free consultation and a proposal.

Yes, we develop motion graphics and animations of any level of complexity.

Depending on your unique requirements, we’d use either Waterfall or Agile methodologies.

We can integrate your website with any third-party platform. Our experts will carefully evaluate your required integrations, recommend solutions if necessary, and handle implementations.

Please be sure to list all the required integrations upfront to receive the most accurate estimate for your project.

No, we can use any industry-leading CMS. This allows us to recommend and use a CMS that can meet your unique requirements.

Yes, certainly! If required, we can recommend a CMS during our strategic planning phase.

In this phase, we will get to know your business, understand and document your goals, and match them to best-suited CMSs.

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“If you're considering a new website I would definetly encourage you to go with LER Web Services!”

— Angela Scott, Executive Officer

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