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Our certified developers and award-winning experts will help you build your website from scratch and grow your brand online. Explore our website development services.

LER Web Services offers custom end-to-end web development services. We analyze your industry and competitors to devise a custom strategy tailored to your business needs. Then we craft designs and develop features and functionalities all geared towards growing your brand online. Work with our experts to receive custom website optimized for increased traffic and conversion.

Looking to build a custom e-store? Look no further. From Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify and beyond, our experts work with all leading eCommerce platforms.

We’ll equip your e-store with top security features, industry-leading integrations, streamlined navigation and a simplified checkout process to increase conversions.

Explore eCommerce website development.

As a WordPress VIP Partner, developing a highly scalable WordPress website is just the start! We’ll customize your CMS with admin-friendly features and custom functionalities and integrations for top performance

Explore our WordPress development services.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current e-commerce platform or starting fresh, our team specializes in crafting efficient Shopify solutions.

From streamlined navigation to top-notch security, we optimize every aspect for a user-friendly experience.

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Reliable Custom Web Development Agency

We work with brands of all sizes and across industries to plan, design and develop custom solutions.

Our Work

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Custom B2C, B2B and eCommerce solutionsoptimized for traffic, engagement and conversion.

Web Strategy& Planning

We analyze your brand, industry and competitors to come with a custom, research-backed strategy that fits your goals. By understanding what makes you unique, we differentiate you from your competitors and make you stand out from the crowd.

During this stage, we:

  • Define your business goals
  • Determine your unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Conduct target audience analysis
Planning & Information Architecture

Here we map your visitors’ journey. We work with all leading web development platforms, so we will choose the one that works for you and customize it to your needs. We will also optimize it for increased visibility and conversion.

During this stage, we:

  • Choose and customize a platform that suits your business
  • Determine your site structure
  • Build wireframes to act as bones of your website
Design & Development

Here our award-winning designers craft custom, on-brand visuals for your websites. Then our developers focus on creating your website’s front and back end while following industry best practices.

During this stage, we:

  • Create custom, on-brand visuals
  • Develop your website in a secure staging area
  • Share our progress for feedback
Quality Assurance

Our QA phase runs simultaneously with your website development as we consistently ensure the quality of your code and proper front and backend functionalities.

During this stage, we:

  • Run our QA protocol
  • Meticulously scan front and backend for errors
  • Ensure your website security
Launch & Optimization

We push your site live but our job doesn’t end there. We set up monitoring controls to continuously follow the performance of your website and to optimize it according to industry best practices for increased visibility and conversion.

During this stage, we:

  • Push your site live
  • Set up monitoring controls
  • Conduct ongoing optimization and maintenance

Helpful FAQs

Custom web development is the process of building a customized website that gives your brand a one-of-a-kind online experience.

Developers will work on a software application, known as a content management system (CMS), that allows them to build and manage every aspect of a website.

By making CMS adaptations, developers can enable business owners to also update content and add pages once the website is live without any technical expertise.

Custom websites generally rank higher in search engine results pages, offer a better user experience, and therefore offer far more credibility.

Custom web development services provide a host of benefits for your business, and are an essential choice for any company that is serious about their online presence.

Some benefits include:

  • Improved user experience
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Increased credibility and authority

The cost of a custom website can start at $15,000 and increase depending on a number of factors, such as the number of unique landing pages, the integrations required and the complexity of the design.

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