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Our certified developers and award-winning experts will help you build your website from scratch and grow your brand online. Explore our website development services.

LER Web Services offers custom end-to-end web development services. We analyze your industry and competitors to devise a custom strategy tailored to your business needs. Then we craft designs and develop features and functionalities all geared towards growing your brand online. Work with our experts to receive custom website optimized for increased traffic and conversion.

We build web applications that are optimized for both search engines and conversions.

From headless CMS to progressive web applications, we utilize the latest technology to create a custom web app for your brand.

We plan digital marketing initiatives and activities to grow your reach, engage your audience and boost conversions.

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Our App Development Projects

A Trusted Web App Development Partner

From eCommerce and healthcare to IT and finance, we build custom web apps that boost engagement and drive results.


We keep you informed about the status of your project through regular meetings and updates so you always know where your project stands.


Our team consists of top talent who combine their vast experience, skills, and expertise to create a one-of-a-kind application for your brand.

Best Practices

To develop a user-friendly, conversion-focused application, we blend best practices for application development with market knowledge of your industry and audience.

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Web Apps From A to Z

Full-Service Web App Development & Web Design Agency

As a full-service web design agency, we handle your web app project end-to-end, from design and development to branding to marketing.

B2B lead generation services - content marketing
Our custom eCommerce web applications are designed and developed following industry best practices, to create a memorable brand experience and encourage conversion through an engaging user journey.

SEO is an integral part of our web app planning process. All of our web applications follow SEO best practices to enable users to discover your brand on search engines.
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Content Marketing
From web app copywriting to SEO blogs, our in-house specialists work with brands across industries to deliver value-driven content, optimized to improve visibility and provide education.

eCommerce development - email marketing services
We craft custom email marketing campaigns to help you nurture prospects, increase customer lifetime value, and boost brand loyalty.

eCommerce development - social media services
We promote your web app across social media platforms to grow your followers and boost brand awareness within your target market.
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Digital Strategy

To understand your unique business, we research and analyze your industry, target audience and competition to gain key insights that will inform your digital strategy.


In the planning stage, we define the information architecture of your web app, concentrating on your messaging, conversion funnel, and user journey.


We create wireframes as a blueprint for your design, then we add your branded visual elements, from colors and images to logos, typography and more.


We create custom user-friendly and search engine-friendly web applications that combine the features and functionalities you need to ensure scalability, security and performance.

Start With A Strategy

We recommend developing a research-based and data-driven strategy to set SMART goals and KPIs for your app, as well as to generate insights for the app planning phase.

To create your strategy, run a competitor analysis, and conduct industry and audience research.

Design For Stickiness

When planning your web app’s UX, pay close attention to the elements that would engage and retain users over time.

Think features like bookmarking favorite content, or creating whishlists for eCommerce web apps, or elements as simple as email subscriptions to alert users when new content goes live.

Invest In Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is a nurturing technique that keeps your audience continuously engaged with your brand and your web app.

Plan and send out scheduled promotional emails to maintain personalized and regular communication with your leads, each time they interact with your brand.

Web App Development FAQs

Designing and developing a custom web application takes approximately four months to complete, depending on the scope of the project.

More complex apps in terms of size and functionality can take well over six months to complete.

At Digital Silk, we typically recommend a phased approach to web app development, where we launch an MVP first, and release updates from there on.

This allows us to go to market sooner, without compromising the quality of our work.

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The cost of a custom web application depends on various factors, such as:

  • Complexity
  • Functionality
  • The web app development company’s expertise
  • The web app development company’s location

For a project estimate, consult with our experts!

Before hiring a web app development company, consider the following questions:

  1. Who would be working on your web app?
  2. What experience do they have had with projects like yours?
  3. Who would be your day-to-day contact?
  4. How would the company ensure a timely delivery of your web app?
  5. What value would the company provide for the quoted project rate?
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